class eg.FileBrowseButton(parent, id=-1, pos=wx.Point(-1, -1), size=wx.Size(-1, -1), style=524288, labelText='File Entry:', buttonText='Browse', toolTip='Type filename or click browse to choose file', dialogTitle='Choose a file', startDirectory='.', initialValue='', fileMask='*.*', fileMode=1, changeCallback=<function <lambda>>, labelWidth=0, name='fileBrowseButton')[source]

A control to allow the user to type in a filename or browse with the standard file dialog to select a file.

Enable(self, bool enable=True) → bool[source]

Enable or disable the window for user input. Note that when a parent window is disabled, all of its children are disabled as well and they are reenabled again when the parent is. Returns true if the window has been enabled or disabled, false if nothing was done, i.e. if the window had already been in the specified state.


Create the browse-button control

createDialog(parent, id, pos, size, style, name='')[source]

Setup the graphic representation of the dialog