Q: Isn’t the installer huge for such a tool?

A: Yes, it is. But you don’t need to be afraid that the program will load all this into the memory. The installer includes a complete Python and wxPython runtime with all standard libraries, even if the program and its plugins don’t use every aspect of them. This way everybody can use the rich set of Python modules for scripting and writing plugins.

Q: Can I use an IrDA dongle to control my PC with a remote?

A: No. CIR (consumer IR) that is used by your TV remote for example, is a complete other thing than IrDA. They use different frequencies, encodings and modulation. IrDA is simply not made for the purposes of CIR and vice versa. However, there are some IrDA dongles that are advertised to work with CIR. One that I know of is the ACTiSYS IR200L. But other projects have found that this device won’t work very reliably and therefore the EventGhost project has made no effort to support it.

Q: How can I install EventGhost on a Windows 2000 machine?

To run EventGhost you need GDI+ installed on your machine. GDI+ is a new graphics technology developed by Microsoft. It provides rich set of additional graphics features for 3rd-party developers. GDI+ is distributed as part of Windows XP and above, while for other operating systems an additional redistributable file installation is required. Since this file would increase the size of the EventGhost installer by one megabyte and Windows 2000 is not that much used any more, the needed GDIPLUS.dll is not included in the installer.

To install EventGhost on a Windows 2000 machine please follow the steps mentioned in this Microsoft Knowledge Base article: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/915052

After you have installed GDIPLUS.dll, you should be able to install and run EventGhost.